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Thread: PSI Cylinder Inspection Training

  1. Default PSI Cylinder Inspection Training

    Special Offer for Dive Industry Professionals - Wednesday July 22nd, 2009

    CompRep Services LLC is now offering a special course price for Dive Retailers and Industry professionals for PSI Visual Cylinder Inspection training from July 2009 through October 2009.

    With the busy summer dive season and lobster season now upon us many dive shops see an increase in customers cylinder fills and visual inspections and hydrostatic tests.

    Now is the time to get your staff trained and certified in cylinder safety and meet the required Federal Standards of providing "Function Specific training for employees handling high pressure hazardous materials."

    DOT and OSHA regulations are clear, employers are required to provide each employee appropriate hazardous materials awareness training within 90 days of hire, whenever their duties change and refresh training every three years. Failure to provide training can result in fines of $1200.00 per employee.

    Employers failing to provide training expose themselves and their business to significant fines. Don't take chances with your business and your safety; get the best in training from qualified PSI/PCI Cylinder Safety training programs.

    PSI Visual Cylinder Inspection courses not only meet but exceed Federal Standards for "Function Specific training for employees handling high pressure hazardous materials."
    DOT and OSHA recognize PSI/PCI as the leader in cylinder safety training.

    CompRep Services LLC will be providing fixed dates and custom schedules for Dive Retailers wanting to provide the best in training and compliance with Federal Regulations for their staff and quality inspections for their customers.

    Please visit either PSI/PCI website at or CompreRep Services LLC at

    We also offer Instructor Development facilities, special course pricing that can allow them to offer these courses as part of their IDC programs, for more information please contact:

    Ralph Viscusi
    General Manager
    CompRep Services LLC
    West Palm Beach, Fl. 33411
    Phone: (954) 684-4011
    Fax: (561) 790-7535
    Please visit our website at
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